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Doctor Reddoch

Dr. Bob Reddoch is a well known and respected emergency department physician and educator in eastern Ontario practising for over 20 years. He now focuses his clinic practice on two procedures: No-Scalpel No-Needle No-Metal Clips Vasectomy and Circumcision.

Dr. Reddoch underwent extensive training with Dr. Neil Pollock, a foremost authority on vasectomy and creator of the Pollock Technique, the combination technique of No-Scalpel No-Needle No-Metal Clips, which reports an outstanding success rate of over 99.9% in the last 20,000 surgeries. In 2011, Dr. Reddoch was the first physician to introduce Dr. Pollock's advanced techniques to Ontario.

Dr. Reddoch performs vasectomies at Reddoch Clinics in Cornwall and Ottawa. He does not use local hospitals because that could mean a long wait for you to have the procedure. By setting up his own private centres, Dr. Reddoch has created a convenient situation for patients - you can be seen for your consultation and have your surgery within just days or weeks of calling the office.

Doctor Reddoch
Ontario Circumcision Doctor
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